Something Old, Something New

For many years I was a singer who did a little preaching.  Now, I am the preacher who does a little singing.  Recently, for better or for worse, has served as the hub of my extracurricular ministry in music, when in reality I designed it to feature my writings on issues relating to Bible study, practical ministry thoughts, and theological discussions.  Our plan is to return this site to those ends.

We are designing a site (still under construction) that will exclusively address the music ministry.  You have been so kind to be a loyal follower of this site, and I am asking if you would graciously follow the music site as well.  It can be found at  This way, you can read up on issues relating to the music ministry, and I can get back to the articles and subjects I also enjoy that are superfluous to music.

So, whether you think I am a singer who does a little preaching, or a preacher who does a little singing, I report that I am grateful for every opportunity the Lord brings my way and regard any influence I may have on your life and ministry as a sacred trust. May the Lord bless and keep you.

With Regards, Daniel Cox

P.S. You can download our new hymns podcast at

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