Vacation Bible School RULES!!!!

As we are preparing for our last night of VBS, my heart is full! God has been so good to us. Thus far, thirty-eight souls have been saved by God’s grace. For a church only three months in existence, the attendance, program and excitement has been “out the top.” Please allow me to make some declarative statements that are reflective of observations I have made this week.

1. In our technological age, souls can be won to Christ through the spoken Word alone. We are told on every side that we live in a visual age, but faith still comes by hearing of the Word of God.

2. Souls will come to Christ if we just invite them to come to the Savior. The Gospel has not lost is power!

3. Vision is still given by God and blessed by Him. Being a new church, I knew we must reach out to the community if anyone were to come! The Lord laid an unreached neighborhood on my heart. I then shared that burden with our people, and we worked! Many souls have been saved in that area.

4. The phrases “God has really blessed” and “We have really worked hard” are friends, not enemies. We have worked hard, but the Lord has given the increase!

5. Churches can support one another to bring souls to the Savior. We do not have a bus…but I have friends! By borrowing their bus, we have brought children to the Savior and fruit to their account in Heaven. Thank God for pastors who understand the needs of church planters!

6. God does not bless our programs, but rather honors His. The Great Commission was His plan to reach the world with the Gospel. When we take His program seriously, He blesses the work of our hands.

7. Love for the lost and acceptance of where sinners are and how they act is offensive to some “church people.” You can see on the faces of some people how uncomfortable they are when being around the unsaved. It is a sad commentary on the average church. I am grateful, however, that I am not speaking about members of our church!

8. Serving, loving, working and going are fun! Some things are akin to “washing one another’s feet,” but Jesus said, “Happy are ye if ye do them.”

9. Satan hates the work of God and will fight it, but the hiss of the serpent means that God is near!

10. Invest in people, not lifeless programs. We have been privileged to host Ted and Jo Mock to serve with us in the Bible School. We do not finance elaborate crafts, dynamic games, exotic food or advertisement. We invest in vessels. For us, the vessels have proven to be sanctified, meet for the Master’s use and prepared for this good work. Long after that exquisite craft lies in a land fill, it is still people that God uses.

I am excited about tonight’s conclusion, and then, there is Sunday!

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