One Nation Under ____________

Aghast?  Yes.  Shocked?  “Shockingly,” yes.  Saddened?  The worst.

By now, millions of Americans have had video access to what happened yesterday at the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the Time Warner Cable Arena.  

What exactly happened?

As has been the tradition for many years, political parties publish a platform or manifesto of stated goals, principles and philosophies that outline their course of action during the upcoming election schedule .  These matters run the gauntlet from foreign affairs to fiscal matters.  This year, the Democrats, for the first time ever removed the word “God” entirely from their platform, as well as a reference to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.

Upon nationwide debate over these two word’s inclusion, the DNC on Wednesday decided to vote to amend their parties’ platform.  The following video expresses exactly what happened:

Allow me to make a few comments:

1.  The Democrat’s one reference to God was a meaningless exercise.  Who are we fooling?  Would one coerced mention of God equate to an American theocracy?  Pardon my absurdity.  Would one inclusion of the word “God” dictate the closing of all bars, nightclubs, etc in the city of Charlotte?  No.


2.  The DNC as well as the RNC, irrespective of where we stand morally as a country, owe gratitude to the God of Heaven for the abundant grace, mercy and favor He has shown to this land.  Is America today the America of our founders?  No!  Do our current morals and culture reflect kindly to the first 200 years of our Judeo-Christian experiment in freedom?  No!  However, do all Americans have a duty, like it or not, to acknowledge America’s Christian founding and traditional allegiance to God?  Yes!  Although it may not be stamped on our hearts, our currency still reads, “One nation under God.”

3.  What America truly needs is a return not to Godly references but to Godly righteousness. America does not need another Republican or Democrat.  She needs a Redeemer and Deliverer.  Our great land will not be changed by politicians; it must be changed by its people who proclaim the message of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we stagger in the aftermath of yesterday’s preemptive strike against Heaven, what are we going to do for our nation to lead her back to God?  Instead of empty references to Deity (which, by the way, is no longer full disclosure to the God of the Bible, but the Higher Power of your choice, whose name and sacred writings are of fill-in-the-blank nature), we need Gospel preaching that stirs the embers of revival to awaken sleeping churches and slumbering states.  What we need is a Great Awakening!

We have become one nation under government and not one under God.  I still bequeath my sacred honor to that pledge that soberly declares our nation, “Under God.”  Except, now we repeat as much a PRAYER as a PROCLAMATION.

Yesterday did not chart America’s future as much as it chronicled America’s past.  May the future of America belong to us…the few…the proud…the Redeemed!

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