Prayers for Mauritius

ImageI am not sure if all bloggers follow their site statistics like I do, but it is quite interesting to know not only how many visitors have been on your site but where they are viewing also.  Every preacher of the gospel ought to seek to be a blessing to the whole world.  Through the media that burden is now a reality.  There is not a day that goes that people from all around the world are not on this site.  I am greatly blessed by that.

Burdens come in unexpected ways

I was viewing my site statistics today when the name of a country was shown.  It said simply, “Mauritius.”  I had never heard of that country, and, frankly, I did not know where on a map to begin my search.  I scrolled over the map hoping I would scroll over it and the country’s size would maximize in doing so.  It never happened.  After a quick Google search, I found it.

Mauritius is a small island, 540 miles east of Madasgar, which is off the eastern shore of Africa.  There in the Indian Ocean is a land of which I knew nothing.  There on that island are people of whom I know nothing.  What is the language there?  What is their form of government?  What are their religious demographics?  What do they look like?  My search was virgin territory.

I went on to find many of the answers to my questions, and in doing so, I felt an overwhelming burden for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach that land.  Discovery was made of a few missionaries whose faith and practice are divergent from mine scripturally.  Therefore, what efforts are being made to reach that diverse land?  Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Catholics and Episcopals make up the majority of religions for those 1.3 millions souls.  Needless to say, there are not enough gospel-preaching, soul winning churches to reach the country for the Lord Jesus Christ.

From the coast of Florida tonight I can pray.  I can pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send forth laborers to that land.  Will you join me?

Prayers for Mauritius, and goodnight.

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