The Bible says in Second Corinthians chapter number three and verse nine, “For we are laborers TOGETHER with God.”

In the epistle to the Corinthians Paul tenderly sought to address the divisions and contentions among the people.  Careful study of the life and times of Corinth suggests that the customs, culture and crowd at Corinth were worldly, and the church was called to be the light.  However, the church itself became the greatest enemy in reaching their world for Christ, seeing they could not fellowship in a Christ-like manner TOGETHER.

As the pastor of a local assembly of believers I often see the need to labor together.  The truth is, when we succeed, we succeed together.  When one is ill, we suffer together.  When we labor in church ministry, we are to strive together for the faith of the gospel.

What are the things you are doing to destroy this fellowship of TOGETHERNESS?

In the financial times in which we live do we consider that we are all in this work TOGETHER?  In soulwinning, Sunday School, singing and serving, do we desire to strive TOGETHER?

Well do I remember a time when certain printing needs had arisen in our ministry.  While we were trying to conservatively work through these issues, one couple, whom I knew would struggle greatly to give the necessary funds to meet this need, gave anyway (the Lord being their recompense) to keep the peace with members who might leave the church if this issue were not corrected.

I asked my Shepherd, “Dear God, is our communion so weak…is our fellowship so frail…is our work so disdained…is the gospel so indispensible…as to be broken apart upon such trifle things?

Let me repeat, WE ARE LABORERS TOGETHER WITH GOD!  Let us continue on in being faithful to our Lord, serving Him, and striving faithfully TOGETHER!

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