The Winning Side

The Scripture records that David encouraged himself in the Lord his God (I Samuel 30:6). Fewer things might encourage us more than the dynamic words of Dr. Curtis Hutson’s song, “I’m on the Winning Side.”

This particular video was made at the 1994 meeting of the Southwide Baptist Fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though he was sick, feeble, and dying with cancer, Dr. Hutson sang with great power. His passion and song still echo through the corridors of our heart’s tonight. Praise God, we are on the Winning Side! Enjoy.

One thought on “The Winning Side

  1. Pastor Cox, Bill & I are praying for you and Indian River Baptist Church! Our hearts
    were so blessed while visiting and we continue to make mention of you in our prayers.
    Just listened to a message by Pastor Satterfield taken from Heb. 2:1 about not letting
    the “truth” slip and staying faithful. Praise God we are on the winning side!

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