His Last Song- JESUS!

This is a short story but a great one!

A nurse in a Glasgow hospital is responsible for the following story of a Christian’s last testimony in song.

A man came into the hospital for an operation on his tongue. In reply to his enquiries concerning the future, the surgeon told him that he would probably be able to speak with sufficient plainness to make himself understood, but he would never be able to sing again. Whereupon the sufferer said that, if that were the case, he must have one more song before his tongue was touched. In the presence of the doctors and nurses, he burst forth into song in Cowper’s hymn, ‘There is a fountain filled with blood’, and concluded thus:

Soon in a nobler, sweeter song,
I’ll sing Thy power to save
When this poor lisping, cancerous tongue
Lies silent in the grave.

The patient never recovered from the operation but his tongue bore witness to what meant the most to him. May my life bear witness to my faith in Christ until that glorious day when my faith becomes sight!

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