Get Back to Work!

The great work the Lord Jesus were left for us to do is the bringing of men to the Saviour. It is in this pursuit, however, that we face the greatest diabolical resistance.

Nothing so moves the heart of God or the demons of Hell than the conversion of lost souls. When we set about to bring Christ to man, schedules will fill up, distractions will come and crises will occur.

We cannot, though, allow ourselves to be deterred. This is our mission; this is the heartbeat of our Saviour.

My proposition is simple: instead of going soulwinning, we ought to become soulwinners. Our habit of life ought to be taking the gospel with us in our daily lives. Carry gospel tracts. See the waitress, the cashier, the neighbor, the friend as an easy opportunity in speaking up for the Saviour.

Paul in his letter to the Romans said, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Let’s get back to work!

One thought on “Get Back to Work!

  1. just enjoyed your CDThe second one I purchased is going to my oldest sis in law 83 what a wonderful gift for her.So glad to be able to come into the Lords house missed church as I struggled with infections and surgery. Thank you so much for the CD..Dr. Holloway is smiling and tapping his toe each time one of us plays it.Kathy

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