Let the Son Shine Again

Growing up in East Tennessee provided a gracious view of God’s four seasons.  All four seasons were quite distinct and greatly enjoyed.

Wintertime, however, was at times quite long.  At the end of the season, all around seemed “dead.”  The trees stood barren, the grass brown and only a slight palette of  pansies colored the ground.  However, warmer weather proved that all was not dead; life was simply dormant.  Joyfully, we saw the return of blossoming dogwoods, springing tulip bulbs and the glistening of earth’s green grass.

Spiritually speaking, springtime is a great time for revival.  Due to the cold spiritual months of winter, our hearts and homes appear to be spiritually dead, when, in fact, we are simply spiritually dormant.  Like the warmth of spring, may the Son of Righteousness so warm us that the fruit of the Spirit is seen and our lives are warmed by new spiritual growth.

Reference: John 12:24

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