Living in the Reality of the Risen Lord

Perception is NOT always reality.  If one read too often the newspaper he would be disillusioned by America’s economic hardship, her strained political environment, her moral depravity and the pervasive “bad news” that permeates our media!  But perception is not reality!

In Luke chapter twenty-four two men were walking home from Jerusalem.  There, they had seen their “Messiah” nailed to a cross, and their perception led them to think that He was hopelessly confined to a garden tomb, but little did they know that walking down the road beside them was Jesus Christ Himself!

What they needed was not to dwell on the “bad news” but to realize that they were living in the reality of the risen Saviour!  Jesus Christ was alive!  Christ might have died on Wednesday….was still buried on Friday…still emtombed on Saturday…but, thank God, it’s Sunday!  Christ is alive…Amen!

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