The Greatest Thing in the World

20120405-162228.jpgThings happen in our life that are unmistakably “of God,” or things which would have no other explanation apart from the working of God. Those of a secular mindset might call these things of chance luck, irony or circumstance. However, those of us who know Christ have come to learn that He is working in and through the “circumstances” of life to bring good things to us.

As I was preparing a Bible lesson from I Corinthians chapter thirteen, I was reading one the volumes behind which I read in preparation. It is the “Explore the Book” series by John Phillips. In his writing, he sourced an nineteenth century volume written about the same text by a man named Henry Drummond, entitled, “The Greatest Thing in the World.” I recognized immediately that this was an older work most likely out-of-print. I thought to myself, “I sure wish I had an original copy of such a book,” and then I did the digitally-responsible thing- I googled it! Having found the book by Mr. Drummond, I downloaded it and printed the notes. I, like Phillips, was greatly encouraged by them and incorporated them into the lesson.

After church, one of our members came up to me with a littany of questions. After complimenting the lesson, she said, “…strange question…but have you ever heard of a book called, ‘The Greatest Thing in the World’?” At first I was not sure, until it hit me. I said, “Say that again? Is that the work of Henry Drummond?” “Yes! How did you know that?”

I again rehearsed to her how I had come upon his notes through a commentary and wished I could obtain an original volume but instead was blessed by a digital copy. However, on the other end, while cleaning out an old hutch in her family’s factory, she found an old book, tattered and worn, entitled, “The Greatest Thing in the World.” She read it, was blessed by it and then planned to pass it along to me! Before I had even embarked on my study in chapter thirteen, and before I had a desire for the old volume, God had planned to get me that book!

The greatest thing in the world, according to Drummond, is love. I agree! However, I cannot help but to say that, to me, the greatest thing in the world is a loving God who died for the greatest sinner in the world, saved Him with the greatest salvation in the world, called him by the greatest grace in the world to preach the greatest Book in the world!

God is good, and according to Romans 2:4, that is partly why we see Him as being so great!

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