The Fulness of the Spirit

I remember one summer morning sitting with Moody in his home (I went there ten or eleven times from England) and he told me this. He said, ‘I opened a hall on Sunday nights for everybody and the place used to be crowded every Sunday. Four old ladies sat right in front. They used to sit there and say, “Very good, very good, Mr. Moody, but there is something you haven’t got.” I never quite understood what they meant until one day I was going along Fifth Avenue, New York, and God seemed to come very near and I felt I must get alone. I knew a man living on the avenue and I went to him and said, “I want to have a room to be alone.” To humor me the key was given.’

Moody told me that he first sat on the sofa, and God came very near to him. Finally he found himself on the very floor, entreating God to fill him with the Holy Spirit. This is almost too sacred a story to tell and yet I tell it to you because there are men and women who need to know that there is a face to face contact with the Eternal. I remember Moody saying, ‘I would rather give up my right hand any day than to have missed that experience.’ He told me that the next Sunday when he came back to Chicago, the old ladies in front were laughing and crying together, and they said, ‘Oh, Mr. Moody, you have got it now.’—Dr. F. B. Meyer

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