What produces change? First of all, people are resistant to change; that is our nature. For most of us, the goal of life is to find a “comfortable” routine and stick in it “for good and God.”  As a matter of fact, we are proficient in “spiritualizing” our routines, or the things we always do that make us feel right with God.

These routines become nothing more than ruts that lead to a lack of joy, purpose or vision in the Christian life.  I used to hear it said that a rut is nothing more than a casket with both ends knocked out.  Have you found yourself in the “habit of holiness,”  the “routine of righteousness,” or the “fellowship of faith” and still lose all of your joy and contentment?

The fact is, it is not “something” that needs to change in our life, but “Someone.” As we are in the business of living out our comfortable lives, which may be nothing more than excellence in apathy, God is desiring to change us from the inside-out. The Bible says, “For it is God which worketh in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).  What needs to change is the Spirit for the flesh, the Spirit-life for the flesh-life and the habit for holiness.

This past week, I was privileged to attend the training conference of Reformer’s Unanimous.   In an attempt to learn to be a blessing to others, my heart was blessed to overflowing; I am in need of God as much as the people to whom I minister.    There God reminded me how much I need Him, His Spirit and His joy.  Out of God’s working came the desire to trade my rituals (good things) for a vibrant relationship with Christ (the best thing).

God did a mighty work in me.  In me!  How could I ever repay Him, except for obediently following through on what “thus saith the LORD.”

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