Let’s Have a Rebible!

A native of India, writing to a friend about a great revival they were having, said, “We are having a great rebible here.”  That is not bad grammar; that is good doctrine!  We need a new beginning of obedience to God (the essence of revival) that is brought by the Word of God and leads us into loving our Saviour in a greater way.

Among the many ills that are corrupting the culture is the removal of the Bible as the fixed-point-of-reference or moral compass.  Bible illiteracy is at an all-time high.  And although the Bible is still the world’s best seller, Bible ownership trumps the level of Bible obedience.  We need a rebible!

The word “Bible” comes from the word “biblos,” which means, “the book.”  Is the Bible THE book of your life?  It is called the “Holy Bible,” but has it made you holy?  It is a “Sacred” volume, but has it set us apart from sin?

The need of the hour is rebible!

Next week, January 15-18, 2012, we will be hosting a revival meeting.  I am praying our scheduled days of meeting together might be a time of Heavenly refreshment sent down from God.  May the Bible preaching and Christ-honoring music cause us to live more for the Lord and understand our place in God’s great program!  Let’s have a rebible!

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