“Rock Wall” Parenting

This past week we had the opportunity to visit our family in Miami.  While there, we took our children and their cousins to the Miami Children’s Museum.  Inside the Museum there was a rock wall for the children to climb.  The cost was only $3 and it was a great opportunity for the kids.  Being that this was their first attempt at such an endeavor, they started out with uncertainty and a level of fear.

As we all “coached” our kids up the wall, the Lord spoke to my heart about the need for the words they were hearing in that effort to apply to all areas for the rest of their lives.

Through their trepidation and doubt, words were heard like, “You can do it!” and “Don’t give up!”  I found myself saying, “Don’t look down; look up, you are almost there!”  After all, “Daddy is right here!”

God by His Spirit revealed to me that these are the constant words of good parenting.  Oh, how our children need our reminders, “Don’t give up” (negative) and “You can do it” (positive).  I was there the whole time and reassured them that I would never allow them into a situation where I knew they would be injured.

As I reflect on my Heavenly Father, I am constantly reaffirmed of His love for me.  He is both at the base of my mountains and He ascends the hill with me.  In His presence I rejoice in the victories I gained through His strength.   DOES MY PARENTING TOWARDS MY CHILDREN REFLECT MY FATHER’S TREATMENT OF ME?

Our children’s lives will be much more difficult than a simple rock wall; they will have to climb the hills of trials, peer pressure, wicked habits and temptation.  May God by His grace teach me to nurture them up the wall and into victorious Christian living!

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