Dr. Earl Jessup on a Special Christmas Day


I enjoyed Sunday, December the 25th, a great deal. We are in Arkansas for this Christmas Day which happened to fall on a Sunday. We attended both the morning and evening services at Colonial Baptist Church in Rogers. The services were good and of course centered around Christmas. However, what made the day really special was that it was Sunday as it used to be!!!! I mean Sunday like it was when I was a child. As we drove down the highway, all the stores were closed, the restaurants were closed, no one was out on the golf course and the only thing going on was church. Everyone seemed to be spending time with family and going to church. When I was growing up, that was they way every Sunday was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, things have changed. Even for Christians, I mean Bible believing Christians. Sundays are filled with going out to eat, shopping and doing whatever pleases us with little concern for the Lord. When I was a child, Sunday was spent at church both morning and evening and visiting relatives and friends in the afternoon. Why one Sunday afternoon while at a friend’s house, I fell across a barbed wire fence and cut my leg so badly I had to have 15 stitches. I am pretty sure I missed church that night!!

Will things change? I’m afraid they will never return to the days when Sunday was for meeting with the Lord and having the day centered around Christ. Sadly we have come too far and gotten too far away from what really is important on Sunday. For many Christians, Sunday is a day for going to church in the morning and then planning the rest of the day around what we want to do. May we give some thought to returning to making Sunday the Lord’s Day rather than just the “Lord’s two hours”.


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