Today’s Christmas Truth to Ponder- His Name Shall be Called “Wonderful”

Wednesday, December 21:  His name shall be called…Wonderful

Please read the following passages concerning this Son, born in Bethlehem, given at Calvary and upon whose shoulders the government shall be:  Psalm 77, Matthew 7:28, 19:23-25, 22:29-33, 13:54, Luke 9:41-43, Acts 2:22

As Mary strung those early Christmas impressions together (Luke 2:19), may we look back with the clarity of the Scriptures at the life and lips of our Lord Jesus Christ.  These verses prove that Jesus Christ as the God-man truly was Wonderful.  No one spoke like Him, and no one lived like Him.

Mary would come to know beyond question that her Son was truly Wonderful!

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