The Life & Times of Jonah

Lord willing, this Sunday morning we are beginning a series of messages on the Life & Times of Jonah.  It is a book of the Bible that I have been wanting to spend a great deal of time in for quite  a while.  Please pray that the Lord will use this series to speak to many hearts.

The book of Jonah is the story of a backslidden preacher, a prepared whale and a city-wide revival, but it is so much more!  It is the story of a God who takes a nationalistic preacher and teaches him the lessons of God’s love for the world.  Jonah’s heart was in-tune with the average Israelite who never wished for a revived Nineveh; they were looking for a destroyed Nineveh, but it was to that city that God visited in amazing revival.

Either plan on being faithful to each Sunday during the series or by keeping up with it here on our website. May we strive together for the faith of the gospel and learn from the Life & Times of Jonah!

One thought on “The Life & Times of Jonah

  1. Bill and I will be looking forward to the Jonah series via the internet…
    we only wish we could be in attendance at Indian River Baptist
    Church to hear the messages in person.
    Bill & Kathleen Ritenour

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