What Difference Does It Make?

For those of us who live in Central Florida, the Casey Anthony trial has been an inescapable part of our lives.  Our news comes from Orlando, so the topic of guilt and innocence has come out in many conversations.

Allow me to begin by saying, I am a preacher of the gospel, therefore, I try with the help of the Lord to look at life, sin and judgment through a biblical perspective.  By the way, that is not always a rose-tinted filter, either.  The God of the Bible packaged Himself as, a man of war, a consuming fire, the Judge of all the earth.  These are not exactly kindergarten perspectives of a god floating on a powder puff in the sky, counting the wings on the angels.  He is the God of all wisdom and knowledge and judgment.

Secondly, I am a parent, therefore, I, maybe more than other of my friends, view life through that perspective.  God has graced our home with 8 little feet, 8 little eyes, four little mouths, and 8 little repeating ears!  Being a parent changes a man and woman more than any other factor in life.  What an awesome responsibility to have children under my responsibility.

Yesterday was a strange day.  My wife and I had followed the case to some degree and had made some perceptions about guilt and innocence.  I was shocked, however, when Casey Anthony was cleared of all felony wrong doing.   It really took me until this morning to ask myself why I cared.  Maybe it was just a pop-culture trial that took on a life of its own.  Maybe it was just my proximity to Orlando and my inundation with information, or maybe this trial was a spotlight on some of the problems in our world.  Yeah….let’s take that approach for just a few minutes.

Number 1- The case involved a child

Could it be that this case drew such a spotlight because at the center of it all was a little girl who should be celebrating her sixth birthday?  Might my displeasure come from the fact that a little girl presumably died so her mother could live a “Beautiful life”?

As a parent in this generation I feel compassion for the children.  So many children grow up in single-parent or no-parent homes.  So many grow up with grandparents.  So many are abused, neglected and cast aside.  My heart bleeds for them.

Through the bus ministry of our church I see the results of sin in the eyes of the children.  I see kids in pain who should be in the golden age of frivolity.  I see teenagers drawing attention to themselves in naughty ways just to catch the eye of a male authority figure due to the neglect of their father; we see girls who need the love of their mothers.  So many children have been offended.

Jesus said, Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.  But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:3-6).

Number 2- The case involved a compound of lies

Where was the truth in all of this?  Could a web of lies been the “reasonable doubt” upon which the jury moored?  It seemed like everyone was lying, and when everyone is lying, who would ever believe the person telling the truth?

In the end I still cannot reconcile how someone found guilty of four counts of lying to investigators still might walk free from any of the charges related to Caylee Anthony.  Does that make sense to anyone?   How could she be proven a liar and still be believed when her defense argued a horrific accident that snowballed out of control?

Maybe all of the lying is what made the difference.

Number 3- The case involved a contentious family

What a sad family!  They all do seem unbelievable.  Truly, truth can be stranger than fiction.  That family may never recover from the mud-slinging it endured these past three years.

Let me conclude with the following concrete statements:

1.  All sins committed in life can be forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ.  The Bible says, If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (I John 1:9).  The Apostle Paul was the chief murderer of the Bible, until he met Jesus Christ.  All sin can be forgiven by Jesus Christ.

2.  Unless Calvary be claimed, no one will escape the judgment bar to come.  Praise God, because I’ve been to Calvary and bathed from head to foot in the blood of the love of the Lord Jesus, I am saved from wrath to come.  I will not come under condemnation; I have passed from death unto life.

People will spend months and years pleading for justice for Caylee; I submit to you, it already has been done.  When the lovely Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He satisfied the wrath of an Almighty God for all sin for all time.  Christ’s punishment went as low as the deepest sin.  He paid it all!  Jesus Christ did not die a murderer; He died the death of the most heinous murderer to ever live.

The question is, will the condemned sinner accept God’s payment for sin?  Hell is the place reserved for people who do not claim Calvary to atone for their sins.

3.  We as Christians ought to pray for the souls of all men.  We must be able to separate the human from the divine.  Those of us who know the Lord have a dual nature consisting of the flesh and the spirit.  The flesh has feelings of anger and blood-thirst, but the Spirit has feelings of burden and prayer.

What difference does it all make?  As for me, Casey and her entire family reflect the difference between living for the Lord and living for the world.  It is the difference between the fruits of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit.  America had six weeks of the works of the flesh.  Walk in the Spirit, Paul said, and ye shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

I feel much better now!  Thanks for letting me vent!

2 thoughts on “What Difference Does It Make?

  1. Well Pastor I was very glad you wrote that letter.
    Disbelief was what I experienced when I heard the verdict read.
    Even if all those things were true that she claimed of her father and brother, it did not give her the right to take that little tots life. However, I believe she was killed by an accidental overdose. But I am wondering if she had been doing that for a long time and also using Zantact to knock Calee out what that was doing to that little girls mind.

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