Unsung Heroes of Revival- Part 1- Hannah

Part One- Bible Study Series on Revival

America needs a revival, but we are now told that the two fastest growing religions in America are Islam and Wicca, which led religious pollster, George Barna,  to say, “There does not seem to be revival taking place in America. Whether that is measured by church attendance, born again status, or theological purity, the statistics simply do not reflect a surge of any noticeable proportions.”

We need revival, but let’s not look to our seminaries or places of higher learning; let’s look at the homes that constitute churches like this one for fathers and mothers who will pray and influence their children for God.  We need unsung heroes to bring about a real revival.

God’s instrument of revival in First Samuel was of all things, a Christian mother.  Notice quickly her story:

 The Plight of Hannah’s People

As we inspect Hannah’s story a little deeper we find that the religious life in Israel in those days was bleak:

  1. Judges 2:10 says, There arose another generation which knew not the Lord nor the mighty works which he had done for Israel.
  2. Also, there was a dearth of Bible preaching.  The word was precious in those days because very, very few men or women were declaring the truth of God’s word (I Samuel 3:1, Judges 4:4, 6:8).

Truly, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Hannah observed in her time a time where… (compare to our times and our country)

  1. Sin was being exalted– (I Samuel 2:12)- exalted in the fact that these wicked men were allowed to keep their spiritual office
  2. Sin was being excused– (I Samuel 2:29)- Eli seemed no better than Lot who seemed as one that mocketh.    If you study carefully chapter two you discover that Eli condemned one sin but condoned the others.
  3. The word of God was ignored– the part of the priests concerning the heave/wave offering was the shoulder or the breast, as stated in Ex. 29:27.  They were not burning the Lord’s part and Eli’s sons were taking the portion that belonged to the offerer and keeping for themselves.
  4. Worship was being emaciated– (I Samuel 2:22)-  notice these women.

And she makes a promise with God that went down in history as one of Israel’s greatest answered prayers-

The Promise of Hannah’s Prayer

Someone said, “We’re not just giving God to our children; we’re giving our children back to God.”

Hannah had come to the place in her life where she would give to the Lord the child for whom she long had prayed.  And she did something of great significance: she vowed a vow (I Samuel 1:11).

The times were so dire and the needs so great that she gave not only a child but a holy child to God.  She conferred upon her yet unborn son the Nazarite vow (Numbers 6:2), which led to his early life being centered in the temple life.

And the Word of God says, God remembered her: God gave her a child.  Carl Sandburg said, “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”  God gave to the nation of Israel a signal that His nation should go on.

So we read in chapter one and verse 24 that she kept her promise; she gave Samuel back to God.

The Propagation of Hannah’s Savior

Three great results came about because of the faith and offering of this unsung hero & her little baby:

  1. God gave Israel a man- (I Samuel 2:21, 26, 35).  God gave Israel a leader they could trust.  In that day when there was little preaching, little praying and little principle, God gave Israel a man to furnish the pulpit.  As a matter of fact, Samuel served, in theory, to all three offices, Prophet, priest and King (the only other man save the Lord Jesus to hold this trifecta of offices).
  2. God bestowed revival-  (I Samuel 1:3), the epicenter of this irreligious situation, became once again a place of blessing.  3:19-21; it was a nation-wide revival (Dan to Beersheba).  This revival was measured by that which was sent down, not that which was sent up.  Down came the word of the Lord to Shiloh.
  3. God blessed His Word.  Why?  Because He had a vessel He had chosen and blessed (I Samuel 3:21).  None of his words fell to the ground.  God was with him and blessed His own word.

I am simply submitting to you today that you don’t know what the plan of God is for that child that you are rearing.  You don’t know what God has in store for that child that attends the church or rides on the bus.  We cannot see the perfect will of God and know all that God has prepared for them that love Him.  Just keep teaching; keep preaching; keep praying; keep winning souls.

Sure, we need men like Samuel, but more than Samuel’s, we need women like Hannah who will pray and give their answer back to God.  Godly mothers are unsung heroes of revival!

One thought on “Unsung Heroes of Revival- Part 1- Hannah

  1. This post was such a blessing to me. I remember
    when I dedicated both my son and my daughter
    to the Lord as babies. Praise God that today
    they are saved and serving the Lord.

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