What’s Not to Love…About the Missionary

My family and I had the opportunity tonight to have dinner with a faithful missionary family we are blessed to support through our faith promise giving.  It was a true blessing to be with them.

Let me begin by saying, “I love missionaries,” and it is my vision to influence our church members to love missionaries, too.  I believe the missionary spirit is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

It is amazing to me that in this big world, God calls and uses me in one place, and He calls the missionary to go thousands of miles away to speak in a different language and live in a new culture to do the same job that I am doing for the Lord.  The missionary and I see that the same Lord gave us the same book to do the same Commission until Jesus Christ returns.

As I reflect on the spirit of the missionary, there are three things that come to mind that make me love the missionary.

  1. The spirit of faith.  Missionaries hit the deputation trail and set out to raise support to go to the field.  As God provides, they continue this process and seek God to get them to their field of service.   At dinner Bro. Holmes  relayed several stories about how God miraculously provided for his family.  THEIR SPIRIT OF FAITH RELEASES THE ABILITY OF GOD IN THEIR LIVES-I love that!  All of God’s people should be grateful for the missionary who sets his sails to the wind of the Holy Spirit and allows God to lead him wherever he should go.
  2. The spirit of “co-labor”ation.  In a day and time when fellowship is too often split concerning the preacher, the church, the school, the college, the circle, or the personality, there is so little “unity” among God’s Bible-believing people.  I greatly appreciate the spirit of the missionary who understands that the work of the local churches that support him and the work he is called to do is ONE WORK.  It is the fulfillment of the Great Commission to that harvest field of the world. Paul under inspiration clearly said, We are laborers together with God. That’s still in the Book, and God wrote the book!
  3. The spirit of soulwinning & discipleship.  The fact is, we expect the missionary to win souls and disciple the converted.  If he did not, we would consider him a poor investment of mission’s dollars.  However, when you can sit across the table from the man who has won souls and does have a heart for discipleship, I love that.  We have the same heart for the work of the Lord.  Every pastor in America should himself do what he expects the missionary to do.

In conclusion, I believe the Lord will bless the church that loves the missionary.  Considering these three facts and many others, what’s not to love about the missionary!

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