Let Everything that Hath Breath…PTL????

In the past couple of years our country has seen the English language go through a rapid transformation.  The prevalence of social media and cell phone communications, such as texts, twitter posts, Facebook posts, and other forums have become quick ways to communicate with friends and family members.  Many adults “out of the loop” would have a hard time reading these postings from teenagers with the myriad of abbreviations that are used.

BTW, I am not condemning all of these, but  some of these abbreviations being used by Christians should be avoided.  They should not make us LOL!

  1. Are we so hard up on time that we do not have the time to spell out God’s name?  God’s Word clearly says, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold Him guiltless that taketh His name in vain. If we think this commandment stands upon the one pillar of profanity, we have belittled God’s commandment.  Clearly, this commandment is the parent to a family of sins that deal with using God’s name in lightness.   Would we shorten the spelling of the name of our spouse, our father or mother?  I remember as a teenager hearing Jesus Christ referred to as JC; as much as that angered me, I wonder what is different about using God’s name lightly, as in PTL?
  2. YHWH.  Regardless of the exact vowels or the pronunciation of this name of God (LORD of the Old Testament), the Jews did not utter this name because of its holiness and sacredness.  Only the High Priest on the Day of Atonement uttered it. The Essenes when writing Scripture would rise from their desks, change their garments and wash themselves before writing this holiest of names.  How far have we come, then, in belittling our great Jehovah to an upper case consonant in a social media post?  I would hope we all agree that God’s name deserves great importance and reverence.
  3. In a day and time when God is being brought down to the level of sinful man,  we as Christians ought to be distinctive in our description of our great God.

Earlier tonight, I read a great post about the conversion of someone’s child.  In my heart I said, “Praise the Lord!  That is great!”  My excitement lasted until I read a comment, which ended in GtG!  I thought, “GtG?  What is that?”  I guess it means glory to God…yet another of these “Christian-isms” that have spawned this post.

All I am advocating is that we take a little extra time to ascribe the glory due to God’s wonderful name.  To use these abbreviations puts us and our children on a slippery slope toward breaking this Scriptural commandment.  May we continue or recommit ourselves in our reverence for God’s wonderful name until the ends of the earth exclaim, O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Psalms 8:9


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