Demonic Influence…a Factor in National Affairs?

In chapter ten of Daniel, the old prophet came to a greater and more personal understanding of the spiritual warfare going on in his world and that would have an increasingly aggressive role in the latter days.  Have we stopped to consider lately that the courses of nations in the world today are being led or influenced by the powers of evil?  Consider the following:

John Phillips in speaking of the real influence of Satan and his principalities, said, “They are there.  They are real.  They torment individuals and rule nations. It is a sobering thought that the world’s political pundits ignore and never consider demonic influence as a factor in any analysis of national affairs.  Those who rule the nations do not know that behind human government are the “rulers of the darkness of this world.”  Behind Russia, China, Britain, France, Canada, and the United States of America, and all other nations are Satan’s princes.  The world’s best protection against these extraterrestrials is a praying believer who, Bible in hand, is indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God.

To this I say, “Amen.”

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