For Those Who Work Behind the Scenes

Brad Metzler, a best-selling fiction author who writes books based upon terror threats, discussed recently his part in a secret program designed by the Department of Homeland Security to think of ways in which terrorist may seek to attack us. Metzler said, “I was a real-life secret agent. I didn’t have the hand-grenade cuff links or the poison-dart pen, but in 2004 I was recruited by the Department of Homeland Security for its Red Cell program.”

His job was to provide information to the Department of Homeland Security on ways terrorists might target the homeland. To do that, the government brought together what they called ‘out-of-the-box thinkers.’  Among these were  professors and transportation employees, musicians and software programmers – regular people whose names will never be known and whom you’ll never hear about.

Metzler said, “Unseen heroes are everywhere. And they help us every day. And the best part? It’s been true throughout our history. Indeed, as I researched my newest thriller, ‘Inner Circle,’ I found that back during the Revolutionary War, a secret presidential spy ring was started by none other than George Washington.”

“Washington called it the Culper Ring, and it was made up of ordinary citizens who operated throughout New York and Long Island. People just like you. Throughout the war, they moved information, gathered secrets about the British and never told anyone about their existence. In fact, even George Washington didn’t know all their names. But this ring of civilians was so amazing at transporting secret information for Washington, they helped win the Revolutionary War for us.”

“And you’ll never read about them in most history books.”

It ought to remind us of the untold millions throughout history that have served Christ in the shadows.  Preachers and laymen, whose names have never appeared in bold print, and who have worked tirelessly to make Christ known and further the work of God in this world, will be known someday.  As Metzler said, “You’ll never read about them in most history books,” but you will read about this innumerable host of indispensable servants of Christ someday, when they stand at the Bema seat and receive their due rewards.

As the pastor of a great church, I thank God daily for that host of people who behind the scenes enable me to do the work of God for my life.  Although Washington did not know each of the names of the men in his ring, our Lord takes record of all our services and will reward them justly someday.  Join this “Culper Ring” of service in your local church today!

Source: via Author Brad Meltzer was recruited in government agency, ‘horrified’ at how easy it is to attack U.S..

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