Day Five of Christmas Vacation

Yesterday we had the privilege to attend a new and exciting attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It is the Titanic Museum.  The museum contains artifacts from the ship, as well as personal profiles about key people onboard.

When you come into the museum, they hand you a card.  You are encouraged to assume the identity of the person on the card as you go through the presentation.  At the end of the tour, there are walls that contain the names of all people on board and whether or not they survived.

My name was Wallace Hartley.  I was the conductor of the band on the ship.  It was my baton that led the band in “Nearer My God to Thee” as the ship was going down.  I was to marry after the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

At the conclusion of the tour, I discovered that I was the only person in our group who perished with the Titanic.  My oldest daughter was a nine-week old infant which was on board who actually passed away only two years ago in 2008.

The museum tour reminded me of a story I have told so often:  at the office of the White Star Line in New York City where the boat was to arrive with pomp and circumstance there were only two lists posted:  it was not 1st class or 3rd class, rich or poor, famous or infamous.  The two lists were labeled SAVED or LOST.

I am not sure of the salvation of the man I represented last night, but I am confident of my own salvation.  God has saved me, and I know Christ has done a work in my life.  When life is over and the lists are checked, God shall read my name on the “SAVED” list.  That is all that really matters.

Are you saved?  Do you know Christ as Saviour?  Like the reputation of that doomed ship, you may say, “My life is unsinkable,” but life is short.  Trust Christ today!

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