Day One of Christmas Vacation

Our family came to Tennessee for Christmas this year, and I thought I would make a personal post each day about our trip.

We left Edgewater at five Thursday morning, because we had to be in Knoxville in time to get dressed and go watch the Volunteers play Belmont University in basketball.  We had tickets right behind the Tennessee bench which gave great insight into the game itself.  As a matter of fact, it was difficult to take in the actual game due to the multitudinous things that distracted us from doing that.  We had a great time.

What was most interesting about the game was that Tennessee is a superior team.  Their players are more athletic, bigger and stronger, but as I watched the game I saw something totally absent from their team:   leadership. I did not see that player that really rallied the troops, vocalized frustration, or saw the need of the present situation.  Tennessee had been in the lead all game long, by thirteen points at one time, but with one minute to go Belmont took the lead by one point.  The crowd, of course, was panicked.  The Vols were on the verge of losing four straight, arguably to four teams they should have dominated.

In the end Scotty Hopson scored the last nine points and won the game. The crowd was pleased; the atmosphere was electric.

I am sure, though, that the coach went home knowing what his team needs most: a leader.

I want to be in the Christian life what that team needed on the basketball court:  a leader: leading and serving Christ by example, encouraging my comrades along the way and seeing the need of the hour.  We have all heard it said that teams have “spiritual leaders.”  They are the people who may not be the most skilled athletically but are worth their weight in gold.  May Indian River Baptist Church and all other churches have lots of “spiritual leaders” who rally the troops and fight for the victory promised us in Christ Jesus.

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