The Journey is Too Great for Thee

It had been an amazing few days in the life of God’s prophet, Elijah: he had ascended to the top of Mount Carmel with the pageantry of the prophets of Baal in full display.  He had seen the power of God revealed by fire by way of the prophet’s sixty-three word prayer for God to show up and show out…and God did!  He heard the voice of those idolators say in one accord at day’s end, The LORD, He is the God! The LORD He is the God!

He saw the rain cloud in the form of a man’s hand come into Israel and soak that rain-thirsted soil.  In the adrenaline of that moment, he ran before Ahab 25 miles to the entrance of Jezreel.  That was one busy man!  One would think that after all he had seen, he with faith could conquer any battle and ask God to remove the mountain into the sea and so it would have been, but beginning of chapter nineteen Jezebel starts running her God-hating mouth and made threats on Elijah’s life.  So, what did he do?  HE RAN!  He ran again, but not for 25 miles- 75 miles!  He takes his journey, sits under  a juniper tree, and asks God to take his life!

God would not do that because the Lord was not through with the ole’ prophet; but what God would do is to send His angel to give him this message, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.

You know, the journey is greater than all of us.  We are not sufficient of ourselves to think that we can conquer things in our own strength.  Our strength, our confidence, our hope must always be in the Lord.

Never forget, the journey is too great for thee, but you have…..

A Great Saviour

The journey of life would be impossible without the Lord Jesus.  As a Christian we walk through dark valleys and would give up were it not for our Great Saviour.  Just think of those without the Lord!  We, as Elijah, are tempted to give up and give out, until we remember with joy our Lord who went a little further through the Garden of Gethsemane, through Pilate’s hall, through the Via Dolorosa, through the crowd, up the hill, suspended between heaven and earth.  We remember He who went through the cross, into the Grave and out of death’s domain!  His voice says to us, Fear thou not, for I am with thee.  Be not dismayed; I am thy God! The journey is too great without a great Saviour!

A Great Scripture

The Word of God provides the necessary strength for us to carry on.  The Scriptures are always as cold waters to a thirsty soul.  They are as good news from a far country. Jeremiah said, Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart (Jer. 15:16).  Just when we want to quit, the waters of God’s word flow into our weary soul and give us strength to fight on.

A Great Secret

When the midnight hour came in Elijah’s life, God sent an angel to provide food and sustenance for him.  You see, the journey would be too great for us if we did not have the hope that somehow, in some way, in some fashion, we could hope for the miraculous provision of God!   We do not always know how God will provide; we do not know when God will provide.  We look back and say, “God did it this way last time,” but God probably will not provide the same way the next time.  In Elijah’s life, God was just as apt to use an angel as He was to use a raven or a widow woman.   Have we not all trusted God long enough to see that God just keeps on doing what only God can do?

Yes, the journey is too great for us, but we have a great Saviour, a great Scripture and a great Secret!  Fight on!

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