Preach the Word & Fill the Pew!

I read this today and was so encouraged by it.  It is a newspaper interview of Dr. G. Campbell Morgan.

“In conversation with Dr. Morgan yesterday he made plain to a Times man why men respond to his ministry. He summed it all up in one sentence, in reply to the query, “why is it the masses neglect the church?” The unhesitant response was characteristic of the man “put a man in the pulpit that has a definite, authoritative message and the people will soon find him out.”

Continuing Dr. Morgan said: “busy men of the world have to desire to file into a dingy and often poorly ventilated auditorium and devote an hour to listening to a man who only has doubts to air, it’s fair to presume, and from this we may conclude are phrases characteristic of much preaching. What men want is an authoritative statement “Thus saith the Lord,” uttered with a positive conviction of the truth contained in the utterance, cannot fail to inspire and uplift. Many fail in there efforts to preach Christ because they do not know Christ.”

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