Getting Ready for Sunday

Getting to church on time and ready to worship is hard business! Add to that one wife and three kids and you have a recipe for disaster! Add to that the fact that the Devil saves his best antics and distractions for Sunday mornings! It is his busiest day of the week, too!

Here are a few helpful tips for making Sunday morning a success for God in your life:

  1. Lay out clothes and Bibles at night.  Remember, those same items are harder when the pressure is on and Sunday School starts at 10 sharp!
  2. Set an alarm.  If not, you’ll fight the battle of the bed sheets and come out on the losing side.  Get up in time to eat breakfast, get dressed and be early for services.
  3. Prepare your heart by prayer and Bible reading.  Enter into Sunday on a spiritual “high.”  Though our spirit may be low, if we enter into Sunday with an expectant heart, the Lord is sure to take note and fill us.
  4. Invite someone to church.  If you are expecting a potential visitor, you will more likely be in your place.

Do not let the affairs of this life or a lack of preparation steal from you the day of the week God delights in blessing His children.  Be ready for God to do something in your life.  You can and He will!

On that note, I’ll see you in church at 10 o’clock sharp!

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