Simply Trusting

In my reading today I came across this and thought it would be a great encouragement to you.  I quote from R.B. Oullette’s book entitled Living in an Imperfect World (page 75):

“Eight years ago John Bishop contracted bacterial meningitis.  He lost ever bit of his memory.  He had to learn to walk, read and speak all over again.  As he preaches across the country, he is a tremendous blessing.  Always he talks about the goodness of God through times of trouble.  Though still in frequent pain, he is always rejoicing.

After one service, a member of the church where he was speaking asked to speak to him.  The man’s sixteen-year-old son had been killed in an automobile accident.  Brother Bishop told me later about their conversation.  In still-broken speech, he said this: ‘I talk Brother Clark.  I feel so sorry for him.  I tell him it not wrong ask God why.  Jesus ask God why.  Long as you accept God’s answers.  God’s answer to Jesus silence’.”

Today, will we accept God’s answers and surrender to His will?

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