Let’s Make a Difference

All of us want to make  a difference in this world.  Described through the eyes of a young boy who was walking down a city street and observed the light poles shining brightly in the darkness, he said, “Wow!  Those lights are knocking out holes in the darkness.” When John was speaking of John the Baptist, he said, “He was not that Light, but came to bear witness of that light.  And that was the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

I want to invest my life in this world to make a difference, but how do we knock holes in the darkness?

PRAYER– We should pray for our country (politicians, law-makers, president, local government agencies), church (pastor, leadership, members, visitors, prospects) and families.  We should pray that the Lord will use us for His glory.  We should ask the Lord to use our children, our spouse, our extended family members.  Bathe all of life in prayer.

HAVE COMPASSION– Jude 22 says, “And of some have compassion, making a difference.”  A difference the distance between Heaven and Hell is made by people of compassion.  So often I think of the man in need who said to Christ, “If thou canst do anything, have compassion on us and help us.”  And in my heart I know that compassion is what Jesus Christ does best.  He is compassion, and His people reflect that quality.  By the way, compassion is other’s hurts in our hearts.

BE FAITHFUL–  Too little is said about consistency, faithfulness and dependability in this generation.  Raymond Barber said, “God doesn’t need your ability; He needs your stickability.”  Determine today to be faithful:  faithful to your Lord, your family, your church, etc.  I spoke with a banker yesterday who was discussing the downfall of a local bank.  She said, “I used to work with the president of that bank.  He is a good, honest man, but he is still trying to do business on a handshake and a man’s word.  You simply cannot do it that way anymore.”  How sad!

LOVE THE LORD JESUS– This speaks of priorities.  What is the greatest commandment in the Bible?  Christ said, “Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart, and they soul and thy mind, and Him only shalt thou serve.”  When we fall in love with Christ and love Him supremely, all of life will rotate on its proper axis.

DISCERN THE NEED TO MENTOR AND DISCIPLE– There can be no greater difference made in the lives of individuals than the work of discipleship and mentoring.  This is God’s plan.  Societal change is a fool’s game if we try to reach the lost en masse.  Christ changed the world one person at a time.  When it came time to leave for Heaven and give the church its foundation, Christ chose twelve men and invested Himself in them.  That should be our goal.  The seeker-friendly church movement has made “advances” in filling large auditoriums but often become revolving doors of attenders.  A discipling-mentoring church will not have this scenario.  Find someone to help, today!

KNOW YOUR BIBLE– Times are swiftly changing.  People know something is not right.  The average person would know more of Nostradamus than Jesus Christ.  They know more of the Mayan 2012 calendar predictions than the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  By knowing our Bible, we can point people toward the soon return of Christ and our need to be ready to meet Him.  All areas of life, including comfort in loss of a loved-one, direction in times of need, joy in the midst of sorrow, are spoken of in God’s Word (I Peter 2:15).

INVEST YOUR TREASURE IN THE LOCAL CHURCH–  There is only one organization in the world that is meeting the truest needs of people.  It is the local church.  By investing my time, I am getting a return on my time that is eternal.  By investing my talent, I am seeing God use me to minister to others.  When investing my treasure, I am investing in eternity and the return on that investment is 1000-fold.

BE AN ENCOURAGER–  People everywhere are discouraged.  People are friendless, broken and in distress.  Go out of your way to encourage someone.  Speak a kind word.  Write a kind e-mail.  Bake a cake or cookies and drop them by someone’s house.  Compliment the soloist at church, the bus worker for their faithfulness, your children for their character qualities that shine, your spouse for loving you and caring for you.  The Lord will lead you.

By these and a thousand more someone will observe the world and say, “Wow!  That Christian is knocking out holes in the darkness.”

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