Meditate on this…it’s Selah’s Birthday!

Two years ago today the Lord graciously gave us our sweet, little Selah.  She has transformed our home into a happenin’ place! You cannot turn your back on her.   She is full of life and joy.  To understand her, one of our church member’s advised me to go around all day long and do everything that she is doing.  I said, “That is physically impossible!”

Being careful in naming our children, we chose to name her “Selah.”  Selah is a word often used in the psalms.  When coming to a verse that speaks of God’s mercy, God’s forgiveness, God’s provision, the psalmist often wrote at the conclusion of the thought, “Selah.”  It meant, “Take a minute; meditate on this truth.”

What truths we have been sure to meditate upon with Selah is God’s love to us, His faithfulness and His protection.  After being t-boned in our neighborhood by man blowing through a stop sign doing 50 mph, our van flipped and we landed upside-down.  When I crawled out of the car, someone handed me Selah.  She was completely unharmed.  What a wonderful Saviour!

We should all stop today and meditate upon one of the things we love most about our great God.  That is a great way to prepare your heart for the Lord’s day!

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