It’s a….GIRL.

After much debate about whether our fourth child would be a boy or a girl, the Lord saw fit to give us a third daughter.  Marie and I with our children are so excited about the goodness of the Lord to our family.  We pray that the baby, above all else, will be healthy and grow up to live a holy life for Jesus Christ.  We pray that the Lord will continue to prepare us to raise children who love Him and serve Him.  A sincere parent covets the prayers of others to these ends, too.

Typically, by this time in a pregnancy my wife and I have already picked out boy or girl names and are agreed upon right away.  This time, though, I requested that she let me name this child.  Just knowing the Lord was going to give us a boy, I had a suitable name picked out that was both biblical and an honor to a man I hoped my son would emulate.  Those plans, however, were washed away by an undramatic-ultrasound tech that in simple wording without any fanfare said, “It’s a girl.”  Thanks for the warning, lady!

So, the race began.  We bantered back and forth a few names that we had in reserve with our first two daughters but none of them would do.

I said all that to say, my wife woke me up at 3 a.m. this morning.  She could not sleep, so she got on-line and starting researching Bible names.  She shakes me and says, “I found the name.”  Wait a minute…..I thought it was my turn!  I guess I will just have to wield my veto power!   She shows me a web page that says, “Moriah…the chosen of Jehovah” [For those of you who are students of the Bible, you immediately recognize Moriah as the place where Abraham offered Isaac and where Solomon erected the first temple.  That mount is still due in prophecy to see some amazing things take place!]  Due to my being awakened at 3 a.m. I was not at all swayed and went immediately back to sleep.

The one detail you must know is that the Lord has given us three children and we were well-content with those three.  They provided all the energy, love, and wholeness we thought our family needed.  Simply put, this child was not planned….(as if the Almighty is not in all our “family planning” anyway!)  Maybe this child for us is “Chosen of Jehovah”!

So, we introduce to this world (and to my wife who will be reading this post later on today) Moriah Grace Cox….or, at least, until my wife changes her mind!  (Just kidding, dear)  Officially, of course, we are not due to be introduced until the end of November.

2 thoughts on “It’s a….GIRL.

  1. Pastor,

    I really enjoy these letters you are writing to us. We do not have time to say anything when we leave church. I feel I am taking too much time when I stop to chat so I just go on with the handshake.

    Love you and Marie very much and keep you in my prayers daily. You are such a blessing to me and I am sure to the others of the church.

    Thank you.

    Love in Christ


    • Thank you, Ms. Glena. We are so grateful to be here at Indian River and serving you wonderful people like you. May the Lord continue to bless our church. He has been so good!

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