Enjoy Your Turn

One of the things I have come to enjoy living so close to the ocean here is going fishing.  It is great to be so close in arriving and feel so far away once you are there.  Growing up I did not go fishing very often, so I have had a whole lot to learn.  Be patient with me…I’ll get there.

Several months ago I was reading an article in a fishing magazine, and the author was making the point that it is best to take your children fishing and not bring your own rod, so as to not be distracted.  The kids will have more fun and you will enjoy helping them catch their fish.  As many of you know, after you have baited their hooks, taken off their fish, untangled their lines, etc, you have  been quite busy.

So, I told my wife I was taking the kids fishing with their new fishing poles and that I was not taking my rod.  I think she almost fell over when I told her my plan.  As it turned out, I had a great time.  Each of them caught their fair share, and they are already planning for their next trip.  It was a perfect ending to a productive day.  

The point is, it was their turn, not mine.  I was not there for myself; I was there for them.  I think they were blessed by my undivided attention and in my heart I knew as a parent I had done the right thing.

There are times in life when it is not our turn but someone else’s.  That’s the way life is.  I remember when I surrendered my life to the preaching of the gospel I would grow impatient with not having many opportunities to preach.   When asking an uncle of mine who himself was a preacher about this he said, “When I am sitting and listening to someone preach, I pray for them.  It’s their turn, but when God opens a door for me,  I do my best and enjoy the opportunity.  I make the most of my turn.”

God leads His dear children along.  Sometimes they are in the valley and sometimes on the mountain.  As Paul said, sometimes he was abased and sometimes he abounded.  In the Word of God Job is a picture of a man who had his turn in the fiery trial.  That is just life.

If it is your turn to be blessed by prosperity, enjoy your turn.  If the job is great, and the kids are healthy, and the bills are paid, rejoice and thank the Lord.  However, if God calls you to Himself in the valley, where the bills are almost late and the job looks like it might runs its course, thank the Lord for your turn their, too.  We know that all things work together for good (Romans 8:28).

Wherever you are, enjoy your turn; it may change tomorrow!  And, by the way, if your brother or sister is having their day in the sun, and you wish you were where they are, just go ahead and rejoice with them; you would wish them to do the same for you.

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