God’s Ways in Godless Days

On this past Lord’s day I began a series of messages beginning in First Kings chapter seventeen called “God’s Ways in Godless Days.”  We are tracking the steps of one of God’s choice servants, Elijah.  Elijah as we are told was living in a difficult day in the life of Israel.  Spiritually, the people were under the idolatrous tyranny of wicked Ahab and Jezebel.   Jezebel brought her false gods from Tyre and prostituted the religion of Israel.  Forty years of increasingly wicked kings preceded the twenty-two years of Ahab on the throne.  And at the end of the day, Ahab was worse than all the other wicked kings combined.

So, the Lord pronounced judgment on His people.  This judgment came through the prophecy of Elijah in 17:1.  There would be no rain upon Israel for a period of three and a half years.  The crops would suffer and the water supply would wane.  Spiritually, financially, politically, socially… it was a bleak period in the history of Israel.   It reminds me of America now-a-days.

A housing crisis, an epic oil spill, potential stock-market collapse, American decline politically, spiritually, socially, financially…America is in a time of great need.  What are we going to do?

As the Lord provided for His prophet so the Lord will take care of us.  We saw on last Sunday how the Lord sent Elijah down to the brook Cherith and sustained him there.  Please take time to review the story (I Kings 17:1-7).  The Lord supernaturally used the ravens to deliver bread and flesh daily for His prophet.  God sustained him there for a year.  What a great God!

I am glad that the Lord cares for His own and meets their needs.  He is a wonderful Savior.  On this Sunday we will see what the Lord does when the brook dries up.  You may be at the place in your life where the brook seems to be drying up…the job is drying….the relationship is drying….the deep-freeze is drying…..your spiritual zeal is drying….but be of good cheer.  Our Lord can use the brook or the widow to meet our needs.

We live from hand-to-mouth….God’s hand to our mouth.  Trust God today.  He loves you and wants us to increasingly trust Him.  I’ll see you on this Lord’s day!

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