Statistics that Make You Think

Our society is changing.  America is changing in our lifetime.  I am from small-town America.  Knoxville, Tennessee, is certainly not the melting pot of our country, but what all Americans are seeing is a change of our land that is stemming from within.

September 11th was more than just a terrorist attack.  In retrospect it really became the beginning of a surge of Islam in our country. Mosques pepper the landscape of our once Christian nation.  Muslims are making their way into political office and have been taught to blend in with the culture.  Even Ms. America was crowned last weekend: yes, a Muslim.  Our President was reared in Muslim countries and, at best, has sympathies for worshippers of Allah.

The video attached below has a lot to say in changing our way of thinking concerning Islam.  Most American couples are having less children, which is indicative of most countries around the world.  This trend is epidemic, except within the Islamic culture. They are simply having more children.  My wife must surely think I do not plan on defeating this trend all on my own!

Biblically, I am reminded of Adam and Eve who were commanded of God to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.  That much we know, but we think too seldom of the kind of children they bore.  They bore children that knew God and the ways of God.  They had children that knew the Bible and the efficacy of blood sacrifice.  In time Cain became a symbol of an evil, Satanic line and Abel of a godly line (Genesis 3).

Therefore, when Cain slew Abel, righteousness as we know it did not see an imminent ending: chapter four begins with the fact that Adam once again knew his wife and she bare Seth.  Seth was in the lineage of Abel.  Men like Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah were of this line.

What I am most surely advocating here is that Christians ought to think about two things:

1.  Having children to rear in the fear and admonition of the Lord.  We are not to be selfish and for financial reason refuse to have children which will be brought up in church and around the things of the Lord.

2.  We are to teach our children the truths of God’s Word, and we must tell them that they are growing up in a godless culture.  I am sure this was not as much a concern of our parents, as much as it is for me and Marie.

It is my honor to be in the public schools on a weekly basis, and every time I leave, I have a greater burden for this generation of young people.  There is now a generation who knows not the Lord and, to this, I’m sure it is to our shame.

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